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Facial recognition software, increasingly vital to global anti-terrorism operations, is being brought to ... cats. Taiwanese developer Mu-Chi Sung announced in July plans for marketing the
The Environmental Protection Agency is already a NOTW fave (a secret goofing-off "man
DUBIOUS HONOR Wednesday, July 30
The federal food stamp program, apparently rife with waste, has resorted to giving financial awards to the states that misspend food stamp money the least. In July, the Florida Department of Children & Families, beaming with pride, announced it had …
HOW IT WORKS Wednesday, July 30
U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration came down hard in July on West Virginia's Freedom Industries for violating chemical safety standards in January, resulting in a 10-day contamination of drinking water for 300,000 residents. OSHA …
… BUT I KNOW WHAT I LIKE Wednesday, July 30
Critics praised bad-girl British artist Tracey Emin's 1998 furniture-and-effects exhibit, "My Bed," supposedly representing a failed romantic relationship, featuring mussed sheets and, around the room, empty vodka bottles and used condoms. Prominent …
JUST LIKE THE POEM! Wednesday, July 30
In July, a large cement "Humpty Dumpty" at Salem, Oregon's Enchanted Forest, made by Roger Tofte in 1970, was ruined when two intruders tried to climb the wall Humpty sat on. The wall crumbled and Humpty suffered a great fall. Tofte said he doubted …
THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT! Wednesday, July 30
Sheriff's deputies in Salina, Kansas, arrested Aaron Jansen, 29, after he put on quite a show
Florida Selfies Wednesday, March 26
Spencer Toner, 79, was arrested for indecent exposure in a McDonald's parking lot in January in Bonita Springs, after a complainant said Toner was watching pornography on a laptop computer and masturbating (a downside of McDonald's early-on, …
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