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Owner Christian Ingber opened a sandwich shop in Gothenburg, Sweden, called "A Fucking Awesome Sandwich." An American expatriate told Stockholm's The Local that Swedes think English "curse words" are "cute and charming."
SCIENCE FAIR Wednesday, May 7
China's Chengdu Commercial Daily reported in March that Liu Yougang, 23, had surgery to remove a whistle he'd swallowed when he was 9. He'd been having worsened breathing — and made "shrill whistle sounds" when asleep.
MEDICAL MARVEL Wednesday, May 7
London's Daily Star featured Sarah Beal, 43, of Arley, Warwickshire, England, in a March story demonstrating her skin condition in which writing words on her skin makes it puff up for about an hour before receding. It's referred to by doctors as the …
RESEARCHER'S JOB Wednesday, May 7
Cornell University graduate student Michael Smith, disappointed at the paucity of research on the pain of honeybee stings, decided to evaluate stings himself (but in line with the Helsinki Declaration of 1975 on safe self-experimentation). Smith's …
GOOD TO GO Wednesday, May 7
North Carolina's Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine is already well known to NOTW readers for creating functional organs in the lab (most notably, growing a human bladder and a rabbit's penis). In an April article in the Lancet, the …
THE EYES HAVE IT Wednesday, May 7
While Medicare is still among the most costly federal services, and U.S. doctors continue to drop out of the program because of paltry fees for some procedures, other specialists are rewarded with such outsized compensation that almost 4,000 …
PLAY MISTY FOR ME Wednesday, May 7
Visitors to the New York City office of Clear Channel radio station group chairman Bob Pittman are greeted exotically as they step off the elevator by a "tunnel" of "fine mist." However, a spokeswoman told a New York Post reporter in March that it …
In a springtime rite in Narcisse, Manitoba, tens of thousands of red-sided garter snakes slithered out of pits in March so writhing males could hook up with "pheromone-spewing" females. London's Daily Mail called it the largest gathering of snakes …
PAR-TEE! Wednesday, May 7
Once again this year, the Toads on Roads charity in Sleaford, England, called for volunteers in February to police a highway where post-hibernating female toads carry horny males on their backs across a road to mate in marshes. Without help, said …
Charged with exposing himself indecently to teenage girls in Durham, Ontario, in February: Mr. Chad Freake, 33. Arrested in Fort Lauderdale in April, charged with illegal drug possession: Mr. Edward Cocaine, 34 (nope — possession of Xanax!).
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