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SAY WHAT? Wednesday, August 13
The Alaskan government is scrambling to fulfill its obligation to welcome native communities' votes on a state tax resolution in August. That means paying translators (at up to $50 a hour) to set out the measure for communities using the languages …
NOT MY FAULT Wednesday, August 13
Tom Lakin is challenging State Farm in a St. Clair County, Illinois, courtroom, claiming the sexual abuse he was convicted of was "unintentional" and therefore his homeowners' insurance ought to have covered any claims by the victim. State Farm, and …
REDNECK CHRONICLES Wednesday, August 13
A man was hospitalized in Shreveport, in June after he was blown away by a wind gust as he held onto a mattress in the bed of a pickup truck on I-49. He suffered road burn and fractures.
HOOSEGOW NOOKIE Wednesday, August 13
In July, Italian news agency ANSA reported Italy's San Vittore prison in Milan is scheduling regular "happy hour" socials for female inmates — catered, with alcohol, and with "external" guests welcome, to the displeasure of the prison guards' …
NEW WORLD ORDER Wednesday, August 13
Among the foods "you wouldn't even eat if trapped on a desert island" in a May London Daily Mirror item: canned cheeseburger (Germany), canned whole chicken (Sweet Sue brand of USA), canned peanut butter and jelly sandwich (Mark One Foods of USA), …
FRONTIERS OF FLIGHT Wednesday, October 8
Dutch inventors Bart Jansen and Arjen Beltman struck again recently when Pepeijn Bruins, 13, asked them to help him grieve over his pet rat, Ratjetoe, who had cancer and had to be put down. Having heard of the inventors’ work, Pepeijn asked if they could have Ratjetoe stuffed and turned into a radio-controlled drone.
SMELLS LIKE LUV Wednesday, August 13
The first "pheromone party" is said to have been staged in New York City in 2010; the concept was revived recently in London, as men and women each brought three used, unwashed, un-fragranced T-shirts in plastic bags as the price of admission (along …
In August, a state appeals court overruled a lower court and decided Thomas and Nancy Beatie could divorce, after all. The first judge determined their out-of-state marriage wasn’t valid in Arizona because they were both women, but Thomas has had extensive surgery and hormone therapy and become a man — though he’s also the spouse who bore the couple’s three children, since he retained his reproductive organs.
CAN JIMMY COME OUT? Wednesday, August 13
James Jordan Sr. died in Brooklyn, New York, in 2006, but NYPD officers have barged into his family's home 12 times since then — four in 2014 alone — seeking him on various charges. His widow, Karen Jordan, even taped his death certificate to …
SQUAAAAWWK Wednesday, October 8
Regulatory filings revealed in August that AOL still has 2.3 million dial-up subscribers (down from 21 million 15 years ago) paying, on average, about $20 monthly. Industry analysts, far from rolling on the floor laughing at the company’s continued success with 20th-century technology, estimate AOL’s dial-up business constitutes a hefty portion of its quarterly “operating profit” of about $122 million.
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