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DIRTY PRIESTS Wednesday, December 3
Pope Francis ordered an investigation in October of the Italian Riviera diocese of Bishop Mario Oliveri, 70, known for giving "second chances" to wayward priests from across the country. Reports had surfaced that, among Mario's priests was one who …
In June, Robert Pullar, 30, Minot, North Dakota, subsequently charged with DUI, fell out of his car and was run over by it. In July, Joseph Karl, 48, jumped out of his truck to confront another driver in a road rage incident in Gainesville. As he pounded on that driver’s window, his own truck (negligently left in gear) crept up and ran him over.
Yeah, But the Floor Was Clean Wednesday, October 8
A man named John Thornton was arrested in October after, for some reason, grabbing a mop from an employee at the Double Tree Hotel in Bristol, Connecticut, and (according to the police report) "aggressive(ly)" mopping the floor in a threatening …
OMELETS! Wednesday, December 3
A crash of three tractor-trailers on I-24 near Chattanooga, Tennessee, on Nov. 9 left a pileup of one truck's load of eggs, another's pallets of cheese, and the other's boxes of meat.
Just Looked, Didn't Touch Wednesday, October 8
Ernest Angley, 93, is the latest televangelist to see his empire challenged — following his July denial (from the pulpit of his Grace Cathedral in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio) that he is homosexual and that he inappropriately touched some parishioners, …
AMERICAN SCENE Wednesday, December 3
"Drunken Trombone-Playing Clown Fires Gun From Garage, Police Say" was the headline of an Oct. 21 story on from Grand Traverse County, Michigan, which also reported that the man was wearing camo pants.
PLAY IT AGAIN, DOC Wednesday, October 8
For patients who are musicians, deep brain stimulation (open-brain) surgery can provide entertainment for operating-room doctors as they correct neurological conditions such as hand tremors. In September, concert violinist Naomi Elishuv, who’s performed with the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, played for surgeons at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center so they could locate the exact spot in the brain for inserting the pacemaker to control the hand-trembling that had wrecked her career.
The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways Wednesday, October 8
A 34-year-old mother of two, walking in Chicago, was killed in September when a stone gargoyle fell from the historic Second Presbyterian Church and hit her on the head. And two women survived their car's being crushed by a 100-pound boulder as they …
ANIMAL INTELLIGENCE Wednesday, December 3
A November story from Leigh-on-Sea, England, reported a Senegal parrot (apparently feeling restive with its owners on holiday) managed to pick two locks on its cage and fly away. The second lock had been installed as insurance after an earlier …
WHO YOU CALLIN’ SHRIMP? Wednesday, October 8
Buddhists believe in the wholesale “mercy release” of living creatures, with smaller and less consequential animals making even stronger statements of reverence, according to a July New York Times story from Yushu, China, describing the freeing of river shrimp the size of a fingernail clipping.
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