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Know Your Rap Sheet Wednesday, February 12
Jerry Pancoast, 42, was arrested on at least four charges after a high-speed chase through Iowa's Polk and Jasper counties in January following an alleged shoplifting of tweezers and an eyebrow pencil — not even taken by Pancoast but by his …
Stories That Never Get Old Wednesday, February 12
Following the early-January winter storm in East Kingston, N.H., emergency crews came to the aid of a 12-year-old girl who had a "what would happen" moment and tried to lick a metal flagpole in her front yard.
A NOTW Classic, November 2010 Wednesday, February 12
Can't Be True: Kyle Johnson shattered his skull so badly in a high-speed longboard accident in June (2010) that ordinary "decompressive craniectomy" (temporarily removing half of the skull to relieve pressure) would have been inadequate. Instead, …
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