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HOLD MY BEER, OCCIFER Wednesday, December 10
Most recent drunk driver to hit a pedestrian, lodge the victim's body in the windshield and drive on, seemingly oblivious: Marcos Ortega, 33, in Ocean Township, New Jersey, in November; the 66-year-old victim did not survive.
WITHOUT A LEG TO STAND ON Wednesday, November 12
Several NOTW stories mentioned body dysmorphic disorder sufferers who sought the ultimate treatment: amputation of healthy body parts on irrationally aesthetic grounds, led by castration-desiring men. Now, 15-year-old Danielle Bradshaw of Tameside, …
WORLD OF WAYNES Wednesday, December 10
Arrested recently, waiting trial for murder: Jason Wayne Autry, Holladay, Tenn., April; Dennis Wayne Brooks, Robertsville, Mo., Nov.; Jimmy Wayne Estes, Charlotte, N.C., June; Jestin Wayne Hooker, Lubbock, Texas, July; Walter Wayne Howard, Portland, …
An August West Virginia Board of Medicine report accused Martinsburg doctor Tressie Montene Duffy, age 44 and owner of a “weight and wellness” clinic, of over-prescribing drugs and repeatedly exposing herself to co-workers — including forcing one employee to “motor boat” Duffy’s surgically enhanced breasts.
TIRED (GET IT?) Wednesday, November 12
In a recent incident in which a driver actually ran over himself, a man in Aurora, Colorado, suffered life-threatening injuries on Oct. 26 when, as he backed out of his driveway, his front driver's side tire ran over his head. He had jumped out of …
PERSPECTIVE Wednesday, October 15
Leonard Embody marched up and down a sidewalk in September in front of Hillsboro High School in Nashville, Tennessee, in military clothing, with a rifle on his back and a GoPro camcorder attached to his chest — his latest street demonstration supporting Tennessee’s “open carry” gun law. According to a WSMV-TV report, this episode made even some supporters edgy because of the school setting, but Embody didn’t see a problem. “Other people may think I look terrifying,” he acknowledged, but he doesn’t think so, and if you disagree, he suggests psychological counseling. Tennessee bans guns on school property, but a few inches away, on the sidewalk, Embody has decided there’s no problem.
STUCK ON YOU Wednesday, November 12
Stuck-in-chimney stories usually involve burglaries gone wrong, but when Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa, 30, was rescued by firefighters in a Thousand Oaks, California, chimney in October, it appeared she was trying to visit an ex-boyfriend. The police …
PERSPECTIVE Wednesday, November 12
The most recent "segregated sidewalks" dispute in a community with a large, strict Orthodox Jewish population was in September in the English town of Stamford Hill, when Haredi Jews, trying to remove temptations, placed sidewalk signs for an …
NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME Wednesday, October 15
Police in West Valley City, Utah, searched for an exceptionally unintimidating man in August after reports that the man tried to rob a Subway sandwich shop and a Family Dollar. In each episode, an employee told the man to wait while the employee went to a back room, but then simply failed to return, leading the “robber,” eventually, to walk away empty-handed.
SEA MONKEYS Wednesday, November 12
Though Americans seem sensitive to the issue of government's use of "science" in policy-making, some Icelandic agencies believe it irrelevant (as NOTW mentioned in 2009: Alcoa was required to prove it was protecting Iceland's underground "hidden …
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