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CLEARANCE, CLARENCE Wednesday, October 15
In Londonderry, Northern Ireland, in August, Kevin Clarence, 20, was arrested for an inept attempt to rob a supermarket. He entered the store, and only then, according to witnesses, put a plastic garbage bag over his head and decided to wait in line for his opportunity to address a cashier. He quickly got tired of waiting and said, “I’ll be back,” but was caught by police minutes after leaving the store.
NAMES IN THE NEWS Wednesday, December 10
Arrested in November in Gainesville, Florida, on sexual assault charges but exonerated three days later when accuser Jeremy Foster was caught lying: Mr. Phuc Kieu, 58. Arrested in October for burglary of a Kohl's department store in Alhambra, …
TO THE MOON, ALICE! Wednesday, October 15
Among the suggestions of the Brisbane, Australia, company Pets Eternal for honoring a deceased pet (made to a reporter in September): keeping a whisker or tooth or lock of hair, or having the remains made into jewelry or mixed with ink to make a tattoo. Overlooked was a new project by the Houston space-flight company Celestis, known for blasting human ashes into orbit (most famously those of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry). Celestis, working with a California company, will soon offer to shoot pets’ remains into orbit ($995) or perhaps even to the moon ($12,000).
THE CREATIVE CLASS Wednesday, December 10
To spark interest in the new leisure center opening in spring 2015 in Selby in North Yorkshire, England, the management company WLCT sponsored a contest to name the center, with the prize a year's free membership. On Nov. 5, General Manager Paul …
SCARY 'BAMA SCHOOLS Wednesday, December 10
In October, a mother charged that officials at E.R. Dickson School in Mobile, Alabama, first detained her daughter, 5, for pointing a crayon at student as if it were a gun, then pressured the girl to sign a paper promising not to kill anyone or …
IF I WERE KING Wednesday, October 15
Ontario’s top court rejected Bryan Teskey’s complaint in August over how Roman Catholics continue to be discriminated against by the laws of British royal succession. Even though Ontario (along with many Commonwealth countries) recently removed some aspects of bias (ending the ban on the royal family’s marrying Catholics), Teskey pointed out that Canadian Catholics still don’t have a fair shot at becoming king or queen (though Teskey did not claim that he, personally, had been a candidate).
AIM … FIRE! OOPSIE Wednesday, December 10
A West Briton newspaper reported in October that a darts team, composed of blind men, was ready for its inaugural match at an inn in Grampound, England, sponsored by St. Austell Bay Rotary Club. The inn's landlord acknowledged the game-room door …
SO NOT FUNNY Wednesday, December 10
Twice in September, police in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, reported women reported a motorist who stopped female strangers on the street to tell them jokes about blond women. The jokes weren't sexual, but still made the women "uncomfortable." A …
NAMES IN THE NEWS Wednesday, October 15
One of the three suspects in an August arrest for making fraudulent purchases at a Jupiter, Florida, shop: Ms. Cherries Waffles Tennis, 19. The president of the Alabama Public Service Commission (who invoked prayer in July as the most effective way to fight federal restrictions on coal-fired power plants): Ms. Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh. The investigator for the Ohio state auditor’s office who was ordered by his supervisor in July to end a romantic relationship with another government official: Jim Longerbone.
NOT TONIGHT, I'VE GOT A KNIFE Wednesday, December 10
In some countries, a sex "strike" organized by
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