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Davi's tips for National Cat Lovers' Month


December is National Cat Lovers’ Month! In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods, and they have not forgotten this. I know a few felines that walk around the neighborhood as if they own the block. Sure, they may be cute, but it’s that air of cool confidence they exude that makes them irresistible. As it turns out, cats are as affectionate as dogs and just as strongly bonded to their humans. If you share a home with a cat, you know how these furry friends can change your life. You likely lavish your feline friend with attention, providing cozy beds, cat condos and favorite foods to show how much you care. But what are some surprising ways to show your cat you love them? According to cats, there are plenty of means to express your love in ways they understand. Here are a few.

SPEND TIME. Pet it. Talk to it. Let your cat knead you and lie down with you. Make sure you find time every day to sit in quiet contemplation and celebrate the little things with your cat—to it, your time is a big thing—and enjoy it to the utmost!

CATS LOVE MASSAGES. Simply stroking your cat from nose to tail can help it relax and trust you more. Find its favorite spots, whether it’s under the chin, on the back or behind the ears. The benefits of giving your cat a massage are endless. Plus, it’s a useful way to do a feline health check. During the massage, you can check for lumps or bumps and ticks, fleas or pesky mats in your cat’s fur.

TRY SOME TRAINING. Cats rarely work for a living, these days. Many of them are bored out of their skulls. Consequently, many households end up with stir-crazy cats that swing from the drapes and play gravity experiments with fine breakables. Training your cat will sharpen its mind, provide it with exercise and help prevent unwanted behavior. You won’t know what your cat is capable of learning until you try. And who knows? It just might teach you a new trick or two.

CAT PLAY. Even the most aloof cats love to be mentally and physically stimulated. Interactive games increase the bond you share; they build confidence and take the fizz out of some hyperactive pets. Some cats enjoy puzzle toys with hidden treats because they get to use their brains, their teeth and their noses. Others engage in play to hone their stalking, swatting and grappling skills. Cat gyms with climbing, clawing and hiding opportunities delight active cats. Empty paper bags or a wad of paper tossed in an empty bathtub provide cheap thrills too. Here’s one of the most important things to remember: as much as they avoid admitting it, your participation means a lot to them.

GIVE. While December is National Cat Lovers’ Month, it is also the traditional month for giving. Whether you’re contributing to your local shelter or volunteering your time and skills to help homeless pets, you will receive the gift of joy in return.

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