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White Nationalists and Thanksgiving

Turkeys Set to March on UNF


It's been a busy week at good ol' UNF. Apart from the usual, students running around like headless chickens, scrambling, with lukewarm coffee and stale bagel in hand, to get those last few assignments in before Thanksgiving, some more racist shmucks have to go and gum up the works. As we head out of the library and various classes for the final time before we return from Thanksgiving break, a wonderful surprise awaits us on Monday, Nov. 20 at 8:30 a.m.-a possible White Nationalist rally. *a collective groan registers on a Richter Scale in California*

Self-proclaimed White Nationalist and former KKK member Ken Parker (a UNF student) was  officially suspended from all school activities earlier this week. In support of their fallen brother-isn't it nice seeing friends come together for a cause? Just warms the heart-White Nationalist supporters are calling for a march on campus. Gene Thorson, a known supporter of the White Nationalist movement-put up the call to action on his own Facebook page following the suspension; in his own words:

One of our brothers in Florida is under attack by the leftist scum. He us [sic] currently suspended from the school he was attending and come Monday morning he may not be a student at university of northern [sic] Florida because of his affiliations in the white nationalist. There will be a protest/rally on Monday @0830 at them that we stand UNITED!!!

The suspension in question came as a response to Parker's posting a comment and selfie to UNF's Spinnaker News Facebook page. In the selfie, he's seen holding a large rifle and sporting Nazi/Klan tattoos-seems like a swell, level-headed guy. The official letter from UNF President John Delaney states that Parker was suspended due to the fact that he had caused a disturbance within the university community.

At least one class had been cancelled because students and faculty felt threatened by Parker's comments and picture. Parker responded to that action, saying, "Me sharing a picture of me with a firearm from the privacy of my own home was not implying a threat whatsoever." He also claims to be a black belt-watch out, Chuck Norris, you've got some competition. The comment that caused the suspension, made in support of an earlier racist incident involving Zach Morse, yet another UNF student, read:

"Let SDS and the other clowns come at me, I will shut them down. Fuck the BLM BS!!! I am WHITE and PROUD, and these queer balls have yet to confront me on campus."

The phrase "BLM BS" pertains to the October situation in which Morse posted a Snapchat of his friends as monkeys, claiming that it was a depiction of the "BML" rally. Also, no, "BML" isn't a typo. It actually means "Bless My Life"-according to Morse, UNF's most beloved comedian and alleged world record-holder for typing "BML" into Google the most times in a veiled attempt to cover one's ass.

In response to the possibility of a white nationalist rally on Monday, the campus branch Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) has planned a counter-protest for 8 a.m. the same day. Even though university officials aren't expecting any violence to come from the Monday morning meeting of the minds-all doves and peace, right?-an increased presence from both the UNFPD and JSO is being planned. Makes one proud to be an Osprey (swoop), doesn't it? Let's just hope it's over before it even starts. 

*Josh Hodges is a student at UNF.

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I think UNF student groups should advocate for Parker's reinstatement as a student. Surround him with love til he chooses to seek more familiar surroundings. To polarize his social media post only serves to drive this kind of behavior even further underground. Better to get it out into the open. Find out what he actually opposes and/or believes. I'm willing to bet even he doesn't know. Turn this into a discussion/teachable moment instead of demonizing behavior which only serves to garner attention. Sunday, November 19, 2017|Report this