REBELS from Space

Surprise! One of the world’s largest Confederate monuments is in … Jacksonville!


There's been a lot of talk about Confederate symbols of late. In recent years cities like Orlando and New Orleans have removed their monuments to the failed rebellion of the 1860s, states like South Carolina have finally taken the Confederate flag off the state capitol dome, and even Jacksonville has acquiesced to demands to rename Nathan Bedford Forrest High School literally anything but that. It's gotten some folks to wondering if our Confederate statues are coming down next. They've even gone and started a petition.

Well, let's not get too ahead of ourselves. Sure, Robert E. Lee didn't start the Ku Klux Klan, but he was a general in the Confederate Army, and he's still got a local high school named after him, a school that has the Generals as its mascot and calls its yearbook The Blue and Gray, a school that's located in a ZIP code where nearly a third of the population is black--and there are no plans to change that school's name anytime soon. (Other local schools named for Confederate "heroes" include: Jefferson Davis Middle School, Kirby Smith Middle School and J.E.B. Stewart Middle School.)

Even if efforts to change the names of the aforementioned schools and remove the monuments are somehow successful, there's another little-known local Confederate tramp stamp in the aptly named Confederate Park.

Look at the aerial Google photo below. Notice anything, um, rebellious?

Now check out the topographical picture. See a familiar shape?

A closer look:

Yep, Confederate Park is basically laid out in the shape of a Confederate flag. You might not notice it at first glance, but trust us, it's like the Man in the Moon: Once you see it, you can never unsee it.

Makes us wonder if the park designers saw into the future when other towns would start trying to heal the wounds of the past by removing statues and markers and were like, "Nuh-uh. Hey, Nate B., hold my beer. We're gonna build a Confederate flag you can see from space."

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