Deborah O’Connor resigned over the weekend after Folio Weekly began asking about racist and homophobic Facebook comments


WCTV in Tallahassee has a story up tonight that basically regurgitates what Derek Kinner posted last night: Longtime Florida State instructor Deborah O’Connor resigned over the weekend after Folio Weekly began asking questions about a string of racist, homophobic Facebook comments she left on a friend-of-a-friend’s post about police shootings. (No link to us or mention of our intrinsic role in this thing, as journalistic convention would dictate is proper, but whatever.) The TV station did get one thing out of the university that they didn’t give us yesterday when we were putting our story together: O’Connor’s resignation letter, and a note she sent the dean before that. The interesting part: 

In her resignation letter to the dean of the business school, O'Connor notes she has a Masters and Ph.D. from FSU and had taught there for 18 years.

She wrote her resignation was "...the path of least resistance", but "I do NOT believe the punishment fits the "crime"."

In her original note to the dean before her official resignation letter was submitted,O'Connor wrote in part, "Is there any chance the story can be suppressed to minimize further injury to my repuation? Thanks and Go Noles".


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Gays are the biggest hypocrites. They say the worst things about Christians on FB, vile but say anything about out..Hypocrites, can't be repeated enough. Wednesday, December 10, 2014|Report this


This poor thing just doesn't know when to shut her poor over-indulged mouth, does she? Now she's yammered her way right out of a job - and it's difficult to get fired from her kind of job too, so she must have really outdone herself.

At least the students at FSU are now safe from her tragically insane influence.

I hope she's not armed, the poor thing.

Sad, really - to see an individual accomplish so much, and then go so cray.

Oh well.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014|Report this