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TEDx Jacksonville returns with We, The People


This Saturday, TEDx Jacksonville returns to the city, and the theme of the event is We, The People.

TEDx Jacksonville has always highlighted the importance of listening and action-especially within the Jacksonville community, and this year's speakers again highlight the importance of personal responsibility within a community framework.

This year's all-day lineup includes speakers and performers from diverse disciplines-musicians, doctors, writers and an Olympian.

Jacksonville native lawyer Chris Hand, who recently co-authored America, the Owner's Manual: You Can Fight City Hall-and Win (with Senator Bob Graham), speaks to the perception that Americans feel as if they cannot influence government.

To the physical and behavioral repercussions of this feeling of helplessness (we're making the ideological leap between these two speakers), Dr. Brenda T. Bradley brings years of research-and her own personal struggles with health and weight-to the fore of her practice, which is grounded in a plant-based diet. Because remember, self-care is a part of the revolution!

Other presenters will discuss the opioid crisis, the power of music to address issues of inequity and human trafficking, the immigration policy and gerrymandering. Certainly these issues have all received heightened scrutiny since November 2016 when the 45th presidential race was decided in favor of a person who is, at his core, a lonely carrion crab. If the current presidential administration is physically incapable of listening to Americas (heck, even Rush Limbaugh impugned Trump's "you're fired" take on kneeling football players), clearly onus is upon the nation's citizenry to fight back. These speakers offer inspiration even as they offer instruction.

Plus, after all that planning and strategizing, there's a kick-ass afterparty ... because even social justice warriors need to wobble wobble, back it up and work it out.

Speakers include Jeff Galloway; Brenda Bradley, PhD; Arjola Miruku; Manal Fakhoury, Pharm.D; Shari Duval; Ellen Freidin; UNF Chamber Singers; Marc Hudson; Jaimison Sloboden; Chris Hand; Cynthia Barnett; Melanie Flores; Amy Donofrio; Chad Houser; Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, MD; and Nicolle Guerra.

As of this writing, the event is sold out, but those who are patiently curious will be able to watch the videos when they're approved by TED and shared with its global audience, typically in November or December.

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