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Little Tributes to LITTLEPAGE

Pondering the place of Ron Littlepage on Northeast Florida's landscape


Many people dream about some day landing a Ron Littlepage job, a job where you go kayaking each week, then write about the reverie enjoyed in the kayak! Seriously, Ron has helped change Jax for the good, and, more important, he has helped stop some changes for the bad. Thanks, Ron.

— Andy Johnson, former member, Florida House of Representatives

I think of Ron’s great skill as a writer as his balance. He is an environmentalist who comes to it from actual time spent outdoors, hunting and fishing. He’s an observer of city government with one foot in the good ol’ boy world. And though his voice has never been extreme, I remember when his column was moved from the front page of the Metro section to the editorial page–too “liberal” for the paper’s conservative leadership. If I had to pick one favorite attribute of his writing, it’s his long memory. Ron is unforgiving when it comes to dredging up an old promise or prospectus—reminding us what was promised, and what (little) was delivered. His column has long been the conscience of the city, and I will miss it.

— Anne Schindler, executive producer of special projects, First Coast News

For the last 28 years, Ron Littlepage has been the conscience of Jacksonville.

— Farrar Martin, associate publisher, Folio Weekly

Jacksonville is simply a better place because of Ron. He was an essential gadfly, a voice of reason, and often the very conscience of our community. Ron exposed our underbelly and our flaws, while exalting the qualities, people and places that make Northeast Florida special.

— Jimmy Orth, executive director, St. Johns Riverkeeper

Ron’s voice was a beacon for progressives in this city, lost in a sea of conservatism. His courageousness to speak out so publicly about politics and culture inspire me to continually write about subject matters that are close to my heart and need a voice in this community.

— Keith Marks, co-owner, Tehila’s Pilates

Ron Littlepage is a truth-teller, a Southern voice for environmental justice in the tradition of Atticus Finch. As someone who challenges the status quo, I appreciated the “attagirl” mentions in his column. He was a must-read, and the voice of our conscious on how we treat our greatest resource, the St. Johns River. Ron Littlepage for MAYOR!

— Lisa King, chair, Duval County Democratic Party

I always made a point to read Ron’s columns. Every city needs a fearless op-ed columnist who holds the powerful accountable. Ron succeeded admirably at that.

— Melissa Ross, host/producer, First Coast Connect, The Florida Roundup

Littlepage was fearless. He wrote about Jacksonville’s plantation owners, snake-oil salesmen, religious hypocrites, and so-called power-brokers with an unflinching eye. Ironically, the team that unleashed the Rick Scott and Donald Trump horrors on the world oozed up from his readership. They, like all of city’s narrow-minded masters, hated him, but feared him. Littlepage, and his script, scared the hell out of ’em. Sadly, we’re on our own, now.

— Neil A. Armingeon, former Matanzas Riverkeeper, former St. Johns Riverkeeper

Ron Littlepage has inspired countless young journalists to follow their dreams. He’s also inspired many politicians to get blackout drunk and run screaming into the night; some of them were never seen again. His retirement is a sad day for the city, but probably cause for celebration among its leaders. Excelsior!

— Shelton Hull, columnist, Folio Weekly

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