Let the Journey Begin for One Local Bachelor

My most dramatic post ever


Having watched "The Bachelor" since its debut in 2002 (feel free to judge—unless you watch "Dance Moms" or "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo"), I think the latest season was the most boring ever. The tedium did serve a purpose, though, since it gave me time to re-imagine the show with local personalities handing out the roses.

From a musician to a chef, an NFL player to a news anchor, the eight bachelors* in the above photo gallery are my local candidates for "The Bachelor" season 18. As you will see, not every one of them was selected based on their looks (how many of them would you like to see in the show's frequent "shirtless bachelor working out or running down the beach" scenes?) or accomplishments (one of them isn't even old enough to have a driver license ... guess his dates' parents would have to drive the convertible Ferrari). But each has a certain something that would make it a show worth watching.

* Disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge, each of these gentleman is a true bachelor (i.e., not legally married), a "fact" that I researched on the Internet and/or by texting friends of friends of people who might know them. In the event that any of them is married, I apologize profusely to the gentleman in question, his wife, his family and potential bachelorettes.

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