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Jay Fant: Let’s Legalize DISCRIMINATION Against LGBTQs

This taint a drill


Jay Fant's hair might be "on fleek," as A.G. Gancarski has pointed out, but his politics seem to have come from another era. The member of the Florida House of Representatives and GOP candidate for state Attorney General has proposed legislation that would make it legal for businesses to discriminate against LGBTQ people. Florida currently does not have legislation prohibiting such discrimination.

The so-called Free Enterprise Protection Act, House Bill 871, is modeled after the federal First Amendment Protection Act currently kicking around Congress, would prohibit the government from taking any "discriminatory action" against businesses that discriminate against LGBTQs. Under it, businesses would be free to deny employment based on a person being LGBTQ and to implement discriminatory employee or personnel benefits policies.

The act could potentially supersede local laws that prohibit discrimination based on a person's sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression, such as the Jacksonville, St. Augustine Beach and Atlantic Beach human rights ordinances.

In a statement on Facebook, Fant admitted that he was inspired by the Supreme Court case involving a Colorado baker who refused to create a custom wedding cake on the grounds that the couple getting married was gay.

"I hope SCOTUS overturns this very bad ruling out of liberal Colorado, but I'm not sitting back to see what happens," he said on Facebook.

In a series of Tweets on Dec. 6, Fant further explained his compulsion to legalize discrimination against LGBTQ people, distributing such kernels of Fant-ian wisdom as, "Yesterday, SCOTUS began hearing a case with major implications for religious liberty and America. Praying they make the right decision and preserve the right of individual conscience."

And, "In Florida, we're not gonna sit around and leave liberty up to dispute. I filed HB 871, the Free Enterprise Protection Act, so business owners don't live in fear of social justice zealots."

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