In which the former FSU instructor asks school officials to quash our story, complains about feeling cheated


On Saturday, longtime Florida State instructor Deborah O’Connor tendered her resignation after Folio Weekly began asking questions about a racist, homophobic Facebook rant she went on Thursday night. On Monday, FSU officials declined to give this magazine her resignation letter, even though it is a public record, though on Tuesday they gave it to Tallahassee media. Last night we put in another request, and finally, this morning we finally got it.

Here it is:

-----Original Message-----

From: O'Connor, Deborah

Sent: Saturday, December 06, 2014 1:17 PM

To: Beck-Dudley, Caryn

Subject: RE: [Manfac] [Cobfac] FW: Publishing Opportunity for Your Undergraduate Students


Just a quick note to tell you that I am sending my official letter of resignation effective at the close of this semester later today. I am away from computer.

I talked to Jack.

Is there any chance the story can be suppressed to minimize further injury to my reputation? I think I have paid the price for my ill chosen words.

Thanks and Go Noles



From: Beck-Dudley, Caryn

Sent: Saturday, December 06, 2014 5:35 PM

To: O'Connor, Deborah

Cc: Beck-Dudley, Caryn; Fiorito, Jack

Subject: Re: [Manfac] [Cobfac] FW: Publishing Opportunity for Your Undergraduate Students


I accept your voluntary resignation. In doing so, I am not agreeing with or admitting to any statements that you have made in your emails which contain several untrue statements and misrepresentations.


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"O'Connor, Deborah" <> wrote:

Dear Dean Beck-Dudley,

I am tendering my resignation effective at the end of the present semester. I do this with a heavy heart, having graduated with a Masters and a Ph.D. from Florida State and having taught in the College of Business for 18 years.

Please see my previous email which I want entered into an official record to defend myself against these charges from an email written by Colin Lively of NYC regarding a FB dispute. I believe I have done an excellent job at FSU, and this one incident is the only black mark I have every had on an employment record in the 40 years I have been employed. It hurts me deeply that I was not given a fair hearing in front of administration reps, but I sense that "the path of least resistance" is for me to resign to forestall a litigation, although I must emphasize that I do NOT believe the punishment fits the "crime."

As a supporter of FSU since 1975, I feel cheated and betrayed. I have supported [THERE APPEARS TO BE A REDACTION HERE] and President Thrasher when many were complaining that they were unfit for their jobs. I love FSU and will continue my loyalty to her forever.


Deborah O'Connor

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