Come One, Come ALL

Taco takeout overflowing with friendliness and freshness


St. Augustine is always a fun place to feast your eyes on local sights and food. Just when you feel you’ve seen and tasted it all, you find something you overlooked, like MOJO'S TACOS right on the main boulevard. This no-frills spot gives off a definitive “all are welcome” vibe.

The colorful, handwritten chalkboard menu offers five categories: Tacos, Burritos, Salads, Arepas, Nachos. Choose one, then pick a protein from among choices like mahi-mahi, shrimp, shredded chicken, ground beef, tempeh, tofu or black beans and rice.

Tacos come “Double Decker” at Mojo’s, meaning each is served with not one, but two, taco shells; a soft flour and a crunchy corn shell with a slice of cheddar cheese in the middle to stick it together. They are unusually structurally sound and super-tasty. We ordered mahi-mahi ($4.75), shrimp ($5.25) and tempeh ($5.25). The piles of flaky mahi were browned in a blackening sauce that wasn’t too spicy. It’s the same seasoning used on the tempeh, one of my favorites.

If you’re a fan of tempeh (a fermented soybean product that’s better than tofu and seitan combined), heck, even if you aren’t, you better order this taco; it packs some awesome flavor into that crisp exterior. Made from Arto Moro’s Tempeh (aka Artie’s) in Gainesville, the king of all tempeh, it was the most amazing tempeh taco I’ve had.

The shrimp taco really is a work of art. Most shrimp tacos have three (or fewer!) measly shrimp. Proving its superiority, Mojo’s shrimp tacos overflow with crustaceans. You’ll get a shrimp with every bite; not just a nibble, either.

Based on the enthusiasm of the staffer taking our order, we were most excited about the arepas with mahi ($9.95) as recommended. TBH, we were a little doubtful, but Mojo’s did not disappoint. When we popped open the box, we saw two arepas sandwiching flaky mahi and melted cheese, plus a salad. Each bite was a little different. One forkful had the creamy texture of the corn arepa with cheesy fish, and black bean and corn salsa, the next added a little crunch from the griddled side of the arepa, with a fresh kick from sliced jalapeños on top.

The drink situation is the only thing that leaves a little to be desired, but ONLY because I could not get the fresh margarita that tacos practically require. My taste buds tingle at the thought of what Mojo’s could do with the fresh ingredients to make a margarita onsite. (I get it; liquor licenses are expensive.) There is a wide-ranging beer selection, kombucha on tap from Local Booch, and Cayman Jack Margarita ($3.50) in the bottle for those of us who’d prefer not to eat a taco without a citrusy tequila kick (I know I’m not alone).

This is an ultra-casual place, and all orders are ready to-go. So even if you’re dining in, your taco goodies are packed in a brown paper bag with a plethora of chips at the bottom to go with that delicious cilantro-y guacamole ($2).

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