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Dinner Date Wednesday, June 6
Dinner and discussion with the best-selling author-perhaps you'll chat about his upcoming thriller, The Malta Exchange or maybe he'll delve into the research he did for The Bishop's Pawn (an April …
Art Is Life Wednesday, June 6
Nevelson once famously said, “my work is a mirror of my consciousness” insomuch as that is true for any artist, Nevelson is remarkable for the position she occupies as one of the four …
Surprising Slumber Wednesday, June 6
Try not to make an ass of yourself (ha)!
Rock The Mic Wednesday, June 6
Watch or if you think you have the chops, participate, in this open mic cypher for Emcees. But remember: No cursin on the mic! Original beats provided by Darren Roberts and Bluff Gawd, hosted By Mal …
Summer Sounds Wednesday, June 6
If the thought of family bands conjures thoughts of identically dressed, saccharine-sweet, synced-up children of the corn choruses, then press the mental pause button.
More Brain Than Beauty Wednesday, June 6
In the entertainment business, it seems that good looks, especially a woman's, can be a double-edged sword. …
Many musicians say they go into making albums without trying to pursue any certain sound or direction, preferring to let the songs come out and determine what musical shape the album takes.
Abundance Instead Of Scarcity Wednesday, June 6
The format is fairly standard: Take the subject matter, find an intelligent, visceral approach to connect your audience to that subject matter, followed by a structural framework delivered through a …
Inappropriate Content Wednesday, June 6
Almost fittingly, comedian Tom Green has enjoyed one of the weirdest and most absurd career arcs in contemporary show business.
When Dog is Your Copilot Wednesday, June 6
Make the most of road trips with man’s best friend