The iconic, long-running sci-fi series returns to BBC America (and local theaters) with a new Doctor. We're here to help you prepare


Welcome to the Class of the Twelfth Doctor.

After nearly a year-long gap, Doctor Who returns to BBC America this week, and five theaters in Northeast Florida are screening the Season 8 (counting from the 2005 revival) premiere, "Deep Breath." This series of mini-micro-lightning-flash courses will prepare you with the baseline knowledge needed to hit the ground running with Peter Capaldi, the new face (and "attack eyebrows") of The Doctor.

Don't blink. It goes by fast.

Depending on whether you're his ally or enemy, The Doctor is the most wonderful or the most dangerous being in our entire universe (and a few alternative ones). He is a few thousand years old (calculations vary depending on what you consider canon) and has a soft spot for humanity.

The Doctor is a Time Lord, an ancient race of time travelers and time manipulators from the planet Gallifrey. He has two hearts, and the ability to shed one body for a new one through a process called regeneration. It's a fairly elegant plot construction that enables new actors to take on 
the role.

"Deep Breath" also features a returning Victorian crime-fighting trio: Madame Vastra (a Silurian lizard-woman), Jenny Flint (her human wife) and Strax, an imbecilic Sontaran warrior-clone-turned-indentured-servant.

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