Blue-Eyed Soul Wednesday, July 11
The Huffington Post had lots to say about Shiner, but this nugget stood out (and not just because we’re thirsty): “ … blues, a touch of jazz, and healthy dollops of R&B.
The World is A Stage Wednesday, July 11
One of the things I often think about is how work begets work, whether that's making stuff or seeing stuff that catalyzes thought, and then action.
Her Own Song of Life Wednesday, July 11
Artist Erin Kendrick explores the “dark phrases of womanhood”
The Best Band in the World Wednesday, July 11
Last summer, the seminal British post-punk group Echo & the Bunnymen embarked on a co-headlining U.S. tour with the equally influential American post-punk outfit Violent Femmes.
A Tall, Tantalizing Tale Wednesday, July 11
The Adventures of Annabelle Lyn sounds like the title of a timeless tale—and that’s just the way Elizabeth Fravel, Kathryn Belle Long and Holly Riley intended it. …
A Fossilized Plot Wednesday, July 11
The newest dinosaurs-aren't-extinct-anymore movie has more species of dinosaurs than in any previous movie.
Score a big plus in terms of originality for writer/director Ted Geoghegan’s Mohawk, which could be described as a murky stew made from the works of James Fenimore Cooper and Stephen King.
A Bestiary Wednesday, July 11
At night, the zoo comes to life! This is sure to be a fun evening full of superstition—and some myth-dispelling, too.
Broad Buffoonery Wednesday, July 11
Lauded as “quite simply, a terrible play.” This is a joint production of Awkward Silence Jax and The 5 & Dime.
Who Brought Donuts Wednesday, July 11
In one particularly, erm, appropriate video, the comic touches on the eternity of staff meetings (the one she’s endured had apparently been going on for six years). Among other things she …