Uh-Oh 7 hours ago
This “professional idiot” is manic onstage, with a shock/stupid sense of humor
Real *********Ing Talk Wednesday, September 5
The comic and celebrity impersonator—we’re here for his treatment of LL Cool Jay (plum juice, indeed). He calls Eddie Murphy his hero, and truly he wears the impression mantle …
"Big" Sean Larkins Can Do That Wednesday, August 8
Comedian brings 25 years of laughs to the stage
Behind the Jokes Wednesday, August 1
Clean comic A-Train presents comedian Ronnie Jordan, who's worked with Martin Lawrence, P. Diddy and Kevin Hart.
Mad About STANDUP Wednesday, July 25
Paul Reiser returns to the stage
Who Brought Donuts Wednesday, July 11
In one particularly, erm, appropriate video, the comic touches on the eternity of staff meetings (the one she’s endured had apparently been going on for six years). Among other things she …