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Three large canvases depict an ornately dressed female character dominating an otherworldly, psychedelic collage of a landscape. …
Shaped by Stars 7 hours ago
For more than a quarter-century, Max Michaels has quietly crafted a unique legacy in Northeast Florida.
On Her Terms 7 hours ago
Many artists jump-start a mid-career renaissance by returning to their roots. …
Get immersed in the lush adventures that defined a generation (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Superman), and were themselves defined by Williams’ sweeping scores and neoromantic …
Uh-Oh 7 hours ago
This “professional idiot” is manic onstage, with a shock/stupid sense of humor
ISLAND TIME 7 hours ago
The perfect, intimate setting to check out movies (we’re super-stoked for an animated feature of Sgt. Stubby, the most decorated war dog in American history); workshops (including one on how to …
Hopeful Future 7 hours ago
Florida Mining Gallery opens the fall season with a show that draws from names the indigenous peoples gave to North Florida and themselves,
What’s better than Ironman in the sky? Surely, Ironman on the back of a war horse, jousting. And though that’s a highly fantastic scenario that might not happen any time soon, if it did …
“When you look through the blight, you see some rather vibrant life: adorable houses, thriving small businesses, a community doing as much as it can with meager resources.”
The Great Debate 9 hours ago
Beer-can chicken: gimmick or straight gold?