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Ready Player One
Nostalgia is a fickle and addictive emotion. It's like going back in …
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DIAMOND in the Rough
With increasingly clarity over the past decade, the breadth and scope …

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ICARE Clergy to Sheriff: Better Serve Ex-Offenders

"We are not clear what the sheriff wins by not serving ex-offenders, but we are very clear that 400 people re-entering each year lose when our sheriff does not invest in successful re-entry."
fightin' words

Bulls on Parade

The JEA battle you won't see on TV
Folio Arts


It's an ordinary Sunday night, you're watching TV, flipping through channels, trying to find a show that won't bore you to tears. You hit TLC (The Learning Channel) and think, "Aha! Now I'll learn …
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Get Your 420 On

Our favorite ways to celebrate the highest of holidays
Folio Arts

Some PRESSING History

Offering a kind of thematic-and-color-saturated dance between the fabulist and representational art, Fields of Color: The Art of Japanese Printmaking is an impressive collection of traditional …
backpage editorial

Donna Deegan's First Political Endorsement is as Bold as it is Surprising

She says "goodbye" to being Switzerland

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