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The Perception of ANNIHILATION
For the past five years, modern cinema has seen a resurgence of the …
the flog
Jacksonville Pastor Calls for a Fast to Fight GUN …
Reverend Ken Jones is fasting to feed the spirit
the flog
GRIOT Emeritus
Wyclef Jean performs with the Jacksonville Symphony

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We Are NOT Immigrants

Boricua in Jax after the storm
fightin' words


Jacksonville needs to look at equality under law
folio arts

The CLEVEREST Man in England

In the opening scene of the novel Wolf Hall, by Hilary Mantel, young Thomas Cromwell has been "felled by his father: knocked full length on the cobbles of the yard.

One Man Leads Charge to Legalize MARIJUANA in Florida

Colby Wise is our champion
from the editor

Jhaysonn Pathak is Determined to BEAT the Odds, Again

Family fighting to save his life

Rockers collaborate with brewers on ice cold hits (and some misses)

Find brews for fanboys and girls

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