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What Are You Voting for in Best of Jax? Thursday, August 15, 2013
The city literally and figuratively turned its back on more than 30 locally owned small businesses, including specialty retailers, bars, restaurants and art galleries
The FCAT era is over, 
but nothing is 
really changing
So there’s this woman, Angela Anderson, who was all over local news last week because she put a petition on for a clothing-optional 1-mile stretch of Jacksonville Beach. …
Our local officials work for us. It’s time they acquiesce to that reality
Saying you’re against discrimination is easy — and meaningless. Doing something about it makes you a leader. Show some courage, Mayor.
Believers can be discriminated 
against, too, you know
BROKEN PROMISES Wednesday, April 30
As the city of Jacksonville talks (again) about revitalizing Downtown, let's remember 
what could have (and should have) been – and those left behind
The distribution and production of Charlotte's Web will be choke-held by Tallahassee, with prescribing doctors and producers subject to stringent regulation
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