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PURE DISTRACTION Wednesday, February 24
School Board and Superintendent squabbles cloud real issues
WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? Wednesday, February 24
Why no Christian should oppose Councilman Hazouri’s HRO bill
BRICKBATS & BOUQUETS Wednesday, February 24
BOUQUETS TO JULIE STACKHOUSE Stackhouse was the first woman, and third overall runner, to finish 26.2 With Donna on Feb. 14. Stackhouse is the first woman from Jacksonville to come in first in The …
THE MAYOR HAS TWO FACES Wednesday, February 17
...on discrimination against the LGBTQ community
BRICKBATS & BOUQUETS Wednesday, February 10
The Democracy Deficit Saturday, January 3, 2015
Everyone has heard about the problem of budget deficits, but there is a far more insidious deficit that receives very little media coverage – this is the democracy deficit. Once you open your eyes, …
I have PTSD, I am totally disable. My condition is the result of sexual trauma. I spent 20 years in the military with a flawless military record. I was arrested in the Duval County Courthouse by a …
COWFORD COWARDS Friday, January 2, 2015
The most recent decision, that city clerks will stop performing marriage ceremonies, a clear indication of the stance of the Jacksonville city government as to how gay citizens are treated. I lost my …
Don't Let The Dollars Fool You Sunday, December 28, 2014
We must not be charmed by money being translated into power when voting for our next mayor. I’m shocked by hearing comments that Lenny Curry is a frontrunner simply because of the vast amount of …
Parents rush to meet magnet application deadlines and students rejoice when they receive their acceptance letters in the mail. But would parents be so eager to send their students to these top-ranked …