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What Are You Voting for in Best of Jax? Thursday, August 15, 2013
TAPPING OUT Wednesday, March 4
Could draining the Rodman Reservoir be an environmental blunder of epic proportions?
OPEN DOOR POLICY Wednesday, March 25
The phone call lasted no more than three minutes. The job — editor at Folio Weekly, a publication for which I have great reverence — was offered and accepted within the first 20 seconds. I missed a good portion of the details that followed, as …
DEFICIT Wednesday, January 21
How the corporate elite control our 
democratic processes to their own ends, 
in Jacksonville and nationwide.
A week ago Sunday, former Arkansas governor/former Fox News talk show host/Beyoncé critic/once and future presidential candidate Mike Huckabee was in town to score the wink-wink …
GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK Wednesday, March 11
I will not call 
it humbling; it 
was in fact the opposite of that. 
My ego now 
requires its own 
zip code. I hope you'll permit me one final indulgence in this space: As some of you may already know, my time at Folio Weekly will soon …
Political campaigns are by their very nature given to hyperbole and histrionics, making mountains out of molehills and parsing every uttered syllable in search of a possible attack vector. We all know that. And that's a 
not-insignificant reason …
Gather round, kids. Park your bicycles here in this specified lot set well off from the road, and take off your bike helmets and other bike-safety equipment. Today's story is called "On the Jungle Path, Size Does Matter." By the law of the …
Two weeks ago, as I'm sure you've heard, Shad Khan unveiled his plans for The Shipyards in a slick-as-shit video that probably cost more to put together than I'll make this year. On Feb. 23, his company sent the city of Jacksonville a Term Sheet …