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The TYRANNY of the Corn Field Wednesday, February 14
Local sports talk radio aficionado remembers an unsung hero of the trade: Greg Larson
Easier than WHAT? Wednesday, February 14
Visit Jacksonville marketing campaign raises questions
EXPLOITATION by the Book Wednesday, February 7
Teacher says Florida underfunds and undervalues public education
Welcome to the TERRORDOME Wednesday, February 7
Bloodsport for all in #jaxpol 2018
Entitled to CARE Wednesday, February 7
When medicine is a privilege
Family Values in the Age of TRUMP Wednesday, January 31
“Those who subscribe to the current administration’s agenda have a perverse read on traditional American values …”
WINNING is Everything Wednesday, January 31
How to Get Over with Jacksonville Voters
GROUNDHOG Day Wednesday, January 31
Fight over abortion rights drags on and on and on
Trump's American Carnage Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Trump’s economic proposals are going to set the stage for another recession. The infrastructure proposal, military expansion, and massive tax cut that Republicans are drooling over, will result in …
The fight for water gets to Florida Monday, January 2, 2017
The Sabal Trail Pipeline is a project undertaken by Spectra Energy, NextEra and Duke Energy to transport gas through a 515-mile pipe that crosses Alabama, Georgia and Florida, expected to be …