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Trump's FAKE Drug War Wednesday, November 1
Don't believe the hype
Three Squares & a BED Wednesday, November 1
Jacksonville welcomes legendary nonprofit
ILLUMINATING Breast Cancer Wednesday, October 25
Is there anyone over the age of 13 who is unaware of breast cancer? Not just because of Breast Awareness Month in October, but because almost everyone knows a woman who has had breast cancer. Breast …
You can't HANDLE the Truth Wednesday, October 25
Why Shad Khan is better than we deserve
HUG a Trump Supporter Wednesday, October 18
It'll make America feel better
Political PARADISE? Wednesday, October 18
Beneath poll numbers, turmoil at Jax City Hall
The Unfinished NOW Wednesday, October 18
"Let’s tear down any idol, any celebration that mistakes or replaces human beings with things, any monument …"
Mr. SHERIFF Goes to Washington Wednesday, October 11
And he’s packed some no good, very bad science
Halloween HAVOC Wednesday, October 11
Make All Hallow's Eve great again
The MONEY Shot Wednesday, October 4
Weapons manufacturers are not that innocent