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Paws in the Pews Wednesday, May 23
When Pastor David Fox stands in the pulpit at St. Nicholas Park Christian Church each Sunday, he might be preaching to one of the most rarified groups of congregants to walk through his …
My Name's Adam—Wanna Play? Wednesday, May 23
Well, the governor's race is finally starting to get entertaining. Last week, Publix Supermarkets got itself into a bit of a pickle for doling out cash to Adam Putnam, whom most of you …
Clear as Mud Wednesday, May 23
These have been interesting times in Jacksonville City Hall, even as all of the drama appears likely not to come to all that much in the end.
Refuses to sign bill opposing change that could significantly lower graduation rates
Real Talk About Tariffs Wednesday, May 16
An open letter to Florida’s Congressional delegation
Must Love Dogs Wednesday, May 16
Honoring puppy love in all its delightful weirdness
Right-Wing Weed Wednesday, May 16
Some of the strongest winds of legalization waft from conservative corners
The Seven Stages of Duval Wednesday, May 16
A transplant becomes a local
Buttwhoopin' Wednesday, May 16
Why Jax City Council went to bat for spanking
Race and the Opioid Epidemic Wednesday, May 9
America treats black drug epidemic as a war and white drug epidemic as a disease