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Will the coming climate change 
regulations drive up your power bill?
Justice for Daniel: Late last week, news broke that the Clay County Sheriff's Office had reached a multimillion-dollar settlement with the family of Daniel Linsinbigler [Cover Story, "The Last Days of Daniel Linsinbigler," Susan Cooper Eastman, July …
Picking up the pieces of an electoral beatdown
It’s not as cost-effective as its proponents would have you believe
Despite the many broken promises made over the years, Jacksonville City Council member Bill Bishop writes that there is a pathway to a prosperous future for the troubled area
VOTE YES ON AMENDMENT 2 Wednesday, October 29
Don’t listen to the prudes and professional scolds
Here it is: The world’s most tepid endorsement for Florida governor
NUKE THE BASTARDS! Wednesday, October 15
And other letters to the editor
Should we be excited about tax dollars padding corporate profits?
It exists by and for the major parties
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