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Marineland DOLPHIN Adventure Wednesday, May 24
How I learned to stop fretting and love the smiling marine mammal
A Sudden BURST Wednesday, May 24
A little leaguer's heat-induced horror story
SON of a Beach Wednesday, May 24
Northeast Florida's coastline is a place of warm wonder—if you survive it
Pets like Me: MARCO Wednesday, May 17
MEET MARCO: You wouldn’t expect a dog and a turtle to be friends, but as you’ve probably seen on the Internet, the animal kingdom can create some surprising friendships. I recently …
Visionary RESIDENTS Wednesday, May 17
Aaron Levi and Stevie Covart Garvey invite national contemporary artists to stay, create and network in Northeast Florida
CODA for Corrine Friday, May 12
The slogan was “Corrine Delivers.” We know it—we saw it on billboards, on T-shirts, and it was catchy. Corrine Brown did deliver … in ways that weren’t …
Dirty Little SECRETS Wednesday, May 10
Blessed with stunning scarlet sunrises and a wide, white sandy beach that beckons, wouldn’t you think a seaside community where tourism is the No. 1 industry would lead the pack in protecting …
For hundreds of Jacksonville Beach residents, including all those who live in any residential apartment or condo bigger than a duplex, there is often an additional level of obstruction to be able to …
KERRIED Away Wednesday, May 10
Ash fell from the sky last weekend, as fires burned to the west and the detritus wafted east. And in #jaxpol, fire was also thrown, by Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry’s political strategist, …
Seasons DRINKINGS! Wednesday, May 10
In the old country, beers were produced for the different seasons of the year. Oktoberfest/marzen, doppelbock and hefeweizens all have traditional places on the German beer-drinking calendar. So it …