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In a hateful world, rise above the fray
THE IRON AGE Wednesday, July 6
Local retiree muscles in on the powerlifting scene
THE CHALLENGER Wednesday, July 6
Congressional Candidate Al Lawson opens up about the environment, criminal justice reform and the need for change in local politics
BRICKBATS & BOUQUETS Wednesday, July 6
BOUQUETS TO ROY HINMAN II, MD On July 1, Hinman delivered 150 pounds of fish to Southside Church of God in Christ, officially launching The Hinman Project. Through Oct. 15, Hinman, founder and CEO of …
LEADING is BELIEVING Wednesday, July 6
Betty Burney is on a mission to teach Jacksonville’s youth to change the world
PUPS IN PARKS Wednesday, June 29
Inspired by a local author, Davi takes a walk in the park
THE END OF AN ERA Wednesday, June 29
Exiting MOCA director Marcelle Polednik leaves the museum much better off than she found it
THE BISHOP IS A KNAVE Wednesday, June 29
The peerless hypocrisy of Ken Adkins
CRIME & PUNISHMENT Wednesday, June 29
Local man’s prison sentence highlights the need for criminal justice reform
GO Native! Wednesday, June 29
Learn the Song of Sun & Rain as you ascend from Newcomer to Native