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EGO RIVER Wednesday, January 20
One Folio Weekly Magazine staffer’s journey and experience with the practice of meditation
HEALTH & BEAUTY 2016 Wednesday, January 20
In November 1946, after 19 grueling months in office, President Harry S Truman received doctor’s orders for rest and relaxation, which he obliged with a stay at what is now called …
PHONE APPS FOR THE DOGS Wednesday, January 13
Hey Davi, My mom just took her smartphone to the next level. Any legit apps for dogs you could unleash? TTYL, Trixie Hi Trixie, I know a few that are seriously on fleek and will …
ASHES TO ASHES Wednesday, January 13
One Sparks’ Elton Rivas is out. Did he jump ship or walk the plank?
SIMPLE UNITY Wednesday, January 13
The success of Brooklyn’s Unity Plaza hinges on explaining its complex simplicity
OLDEST VS BOLDEST Wednesday, January 13
Is St. Augustine cooler than Jacksonville?
SCANDAL SHEET Wednesday, January 13
On Corrine Brown, Matt Shirk, Reggie Gaffney and the art of narrative
BRICKBATS & BOUQUETS Wednesday, January 13
  BOUQUETS TO DR. MELISSA MURRAY, DR. JOHN FRYER, DR. JOHN LUCAS, AND DR. JUNGSU KIM The Mayo Clinic researchers have been awarded a cumulative $900,000 in grants from the Florida Department …
TRAFFICKING IN APATHY Wednesday, January 13
Jax City Council drags its feet on passing an ordinance that would create enforcement power for key provision of anti-human-trafficking statute
(TOO) FIT TO BE TIRED Wednesday, January 6
Dear Davi, My dad and I had a little too much holiday cheer this season and we’ve put on some extra poundage. Any tips for getting back into shape for the New Year? Fond …