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The Juice is Loose! 4 days ago
The primary objections raised to Amendment 2 when it passed in 2016 were twofold:
Behind every good human is an awesome pet waiting to share its story
Man of the People 5 days ago
12 hours at work with Ben Frazier
Recent board member chosen over CFO Melissa Dykes
MSD's Strong Shade Game; Generation Reset; Elizabeth Smart's Revenge; Women Supporting Women (in Music)
Livestock & Dreams Wednesday, April 11
It may come as no surprise that animals have an increasing presence in therapeutic care for kids with special needs. After all, most humans have experienced some form of animal therapy: Cuddle a …
The Sign Lady Wednesday, April 11
Jax Beach's Sonja Fitch uses her fence to spread an anti-Trump message—earning both ire and love from neighbors
Demotion Bonus Wednesday, April 11
At the University of North Florida, former administrators who join the faculty can make tens of thousands of dollars more for doing the same work
Jesus Christ, Drag Star; Hijacking Democracy; Trippin' on Medicine; and Young, Homeless and Hopeful
Statement, latest in ongoing JEA sale saga, includes laundry list of reasons not to sell