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News AAND Notes: Olio Edition Wednesday, June 6
Top headlines from the Association of Alternative Newsmedia
A breakdown of the stakeholders involved in attempt to redevelop contaminated property in Green Cove Springs
Residents push back against plans to redevelop contaminated property
Top headlines from the Association of Alternative Newsmedia
Poison Place Wednesday, May 30
Two decades ago, Solite Corp. abandoned contaminated land in Green Cove Springs. Now they want to sell it to a residential developer—who will clean up their hazardous mess later.
News Bites Wednesday, May 30
Top stories from local print media
A Natural Fit Wednesday, May 23
Who hasn’t fantasized about having the perfect swimsuit tailor-made for their body and personality? St. Augustine’s Beth Reeb, a single mother of four school-age children, makes this …
Fishing For Information Wednesday, May 23
A few months ago, Folio Weekly had the good fortune to be invited to join Ocearch crewmembers as they attempted to catch and tag what may be the ruling predators of the seas: great white sharks. A …
Fernandina restriction on news boxes raises constitutional red flag
Matters of the Heart Wednesday, May 16
Top stories from the Association of Alternative Newsmedia