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BRUTAL INTENT Yesterday at 10:50 AM
There is a meme currently making the Internet rounds spoofing the many sub-genres of metal. Truth is, every genre of music has sub-genres, including rap, country, blues, R&B and even Americana …
I AM A PILGRIM, AND A STRANGER Yesterday at 10:47 AM
Celebrated singer-songwriter and acoustic guitar phenom Christopher Paul Stelling brings his wayfaring sound to town
OLD & NEW WAVERS Yesterday at 10:42 AM
SIGNATURE GROOVES Yesterday at 10:40 AM
WAKE THE DEAD Wednesday, August 26
Alice Cooper and some heavyweight friends honor fallen comrades with a new release
SOUL TO SPARE Wednesday, August 26
Jesse Montoya is a rising voice in the local singer-songwriter scene
RETRO ROCKERS Wednesday, August 26
TIGHT FIT Wednesday, August 26
BODY & SOUL Wednesday, August 26
Music heals. It’s not just an aphorism, but a hard truth based in research in a number of areas. Music healing therapy has been proven to induce relaxation in premature babies, treat pain, …
BACK FROM THE "GRAV" Wednesday, August 19
I’ve been spending a lot of time lately listening to John Zorn. Emphasis on a lot. Next to my extensive (read: nerdily exhaustive) Zappa collection, my Zorn library boasts the most pieces of …