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Reaching the Peak Wednesday, May 2
After 20 years of slow, incremental growth, The National rule the indie rock game
We SALUTE You Wednesday, April 25
It's finally here! After months of waiting, saving our stash, we'll hear some of the biggest names in rock right here in J-ville in one of the biggest festival events the city/county/state/nation has …
Enter PLANETARY Music Wednesday, April 25
It was sometime in 1993 that I met Robert Goodman, on the first of thousands of trips to Five Points. His record store, the legendary Now Hear This!, was one of the few in town that carried the new …
Get These HANDS Wednesday, April 25
Organizers of this year's Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival billed 2018 as "the Year of the Piano," and they certainly delivered on that declaration.
From the HEART Wednesday, April 25
In some Southern rock circles, Tommy Talton is considered royalty. In the mid-'60s, he was a founding member of cult garage rockers We The People. In the late '60s, he co-founded Capricorn Records …
HITCHHIKIN’ Again Wednesday, April 18
  Their major label debut was described as "a cornerstone of the 'alternative country' movement ... [that] leaned more toward the Clash than the Carter Family." Since that '94 big release, …
Love, Compassion, and JAZZ Wednesday, April 18
Locally grown, but now world-famous, singer and drummer Ross sees his mission as one that delivers messages of humanity "through the medium of jazz." He comes back home to perform in the LaVilla Jazz …
Still LIVING Wednesday, April 18
Though they've been together 37 years, 2018 brings a series of momentous anniversaries for 10,000 Maniacs.
DANCING Queens Forever Wednesday, April 11
Some things never die, and one of those seems to be disco! With some of the highest record sales in history (the BBC said the band's sales are second only to The Beatles), in the late '70s Abba were …
RENAISSANCE Woman Wednesday, April 11
The two most powerful recent interviews with Amanda Shires are from opposite ends of the journalism spectrum.