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THE COSMIC PUPPETS Wednesday, September 16
Extraterrestrials, Christian Science, and ventriloquist’s dummies are all welcome in the realm of DAVID LIEBE HART
LONG JOURNEY HOME Wednesday, July 15
Celebrated Texas singer-songwriter Robert Earl Keen takes us on a roots trip with his latest release
Flying Colors Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Northeast Florida's most comprehensive guide to the fall arts and entertainement season
311 celebrate their 25th year with a boxed set retrospective and, most fittingly, custom beer
EASY DOES IT Wednesday, August 5
Jorma Kaukonen keeps it laid-back and on point with an impressive new release, 'Ain’t No Hurry'
DUAL SOUL Wednesday, August 5
NOT BY ACCIDENT Wednesday, July 15
Singer-songwriter Chelsea Saddler’s hard work pays off with a new album and European tour
BODY & SOUL Wednesday, August 26
Music heals. It’s not just an aphorism, but a hard truth based in research in a number of areas. Music healing therapy has been proven to induce relaxation in premature babies, treat pain, …
OF SOUND MIND Wednesday, July 29
About a year ago, I finished reading Andrew Solomon’s Far from the Tree, a deep and intensive study of what shapes our personal and perceived identities. Solomon drilled into such harrowing …
I AM A PILGRIM, AND A STRANGER Wednesday, September 2
Celebrated singer-songwriter and acoustic guitar phenom Christopher Paul Stelling brings his wayfaring sound to town