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Nashville sextet defies scuzzy stereotypes
Hailing simultaneously from deep outer space and backwoods Alabama (good luck getting bars in either), with a sound more reflective of the former, Daikaiju (Japanese for “Giant Monster”) …
A while back, I saw a group of to-me-
 unknown musicians open for one of my 
 favorite bands, The Aristocrats. I couldn't decide whether I loved them or merely appreciated their approach to progressive metal. Last month, I watched them open for …
Bands bring divergent sounds but analogous outlooks to Underbelly
Chris Cogan creates installations and experimental non-narrative pieces that invite the audience to “have their own interpretation of the film,” and evoke “altered states of mind as …
Jenny Lewis' gentle twang, GAAM's gamer geeks, Lil' Boosie's rhymes and some of the best photographers anywhere take center stage
The Jacksonville spin master throws a 50th birthday bash and you are invited
We asked the Black Kids bassist and former Folio Weekly staff writer to do our work for us, for old times' sake
UNDER THE (GODAWFUL) COVERS Wednesday, September 3
What songs local musicians really, really hate playing
Revisiting the Jacksonville master of the offensive
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