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The WIZARD Remains a True Star Wednesday, May 17
The best place to find Todd Rundgren on the popular music radar is on the outer screen, or out of sight completely. Since 1970, Rundgren has released a series of albums that continue to be potent, …
It's got to have FEELING Wednesday, June 14
Local trio Teen Divorce inject their indie rock with undeniable passion and pure emotion
SWING Driver Wednesday, May 17
In the state of Texas, Bob Wills is a legitimate king. Eighty long years ago, he and His Texas Playboys willed Western swing into being by combining elegant big-band jazz, hillbilly country, …
They'll CRY if they Want To Wednesday, April 5
If you’re a fan of raw, visceral blues-rock, it might seem like husband-and-wife duos are everywhere. In this day and age, though, none are firing on as many cylinders as Charleston, South …
NOW We Know Wednesday, April 5
Two years ago, in these esteemed pages, longtime Folio Weekly scribe Arvid Smith penned a piece, “What We Will Never Know About Leo Kottke.” After scrambling through the usual gantlet of …
The Beautiful & the BUOYANT Wednesday, May 31
Future Islands balance intense emotion with exuberant electro-pop, all on their own terms
Up by his BOOTSTRAPS Wednesday, June 7
Tracking the journey of Atlanta rapper T.I., from street-hustler to one of America’s most outspoken artists
TEARS Fall Anew Wednesday, June 7
’80s icons Tears For Fears bring timely (and timeless) hits back to life
Flying Colors Wednesday, September 4, 2013
ROAD Story Wednesday, June 21