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Barn Burners Wednesday, June 27
Though Jupiter Coyote hasn't hit the mainstream, the Southern genre-blenders have done mighty fine for themselves.
Karma Chameleon Indeed Wednesday, June 27
In a 2016 article in The Guardian, the famously combustible George talked about his insecurities, his rows with bandmates, and how even though he’s in a much better place, he still struggles with …
A Beautiful Noise Wednesday, June 27
The St. Augustine Cathedral Basilica inspired Jorge Peña (viola) and Jin Kim-Peña (cello) to create this festival.
Kissin' Strangers Wednesday, June 27
She of “Somebody Kissed Me at a Bar” renown brings her California-inflected Country sounds to town. …
That Flat-Picking Life Wednesday, June 20
Once upon a time, local boy Bass was a hell-raiser, of that upper echelon caliber of the spit-in-your-eye and shout-you-down kind.
Kind Of A … Wednesday, June 20
He's a rapper whose faith informs his music, but as he told CCM Magazine, "I just sit down and write like anybody else.
Heat Wave (Of Mutilation) Wednesday, June 20
To say that the band was ubiquitous would be an understatement.
Rain or Shine Wednesday, June 13
A-pickin' and a-grinnin', as well as singin', strummin', dancin'-country music non-pareil in NEFLa, this outdoor festival by the sea is an all-day event that'll get your boots stompin' or your flips
Waking Dream Wednesday, June 13
Underneath the effervescence of La Luz's effervescent surf-rock lies an electrical charge-a roiling undercurrent of global pop and psychedelia that's both haunting and heartbreaking.
Blaze of Glory Wednesday, June 13
Stacey Bennett is the busiest musician in Northeast Florida.