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Rain or Shine Wednesday, June 13
A-pickin' and a-grinnin', as well as singin', strummin', dancin'-country music non-pareil in NEFLa, this outdoor festival by the sea is an all-day event that'll get your boots stompin' or your flips
Waking Dream Wednesday, June 13
Underneath the effervescence of La Luz's effervescent surf-rock lies an electrical charge-a roiling undercurrent of global pop and psychedelia that's both haunting and heartbreaking.
Blaze of Glory Wednesday, June 13
Stacey Bennett is the busiest musician in Northeast Florida.
Rock The Mic Wednesday, June 6
Watch or if you think you have the chops, participate, in this open mic cypher for Emcees. But remember: No cursin on the mic! Original beats provided by Darren Roberts and Bluff Gawd, hosted By Mal …
Summer Sounds Wednesday, June 6
If the thought of family bands conjures thoughts of identically dressed, saccharine-sweet, synced-up children of the corn choruses, then press the mental pause button.
Many musicians say they go into making albums without trying to pursue any certain sound or direction, preferring to let the songs come out and determine what musical shape the album takes.
To the Top Thursday, May 31
For some of us, the opening chords of ZZ Top's "La Grange" inspire a spur-of-the-moment road trip to NYC in an ancient Jeep Wagoneer, augmented by lots of, ahem, smokable medicines.
Sublime & Spiritual Thursday, May 31
Music writer Nick McGregor once said that in order to fully appreciate the finger-style guitar playing of the multitalented Pacetti, one "has to see it to believe it."
Drop the Needle Wednesday, May 30
Capitalism is a strange thing, and market forces often work in defiance of anyone's pretenses of "expertise." The music industry is a case in point; a cursory glance at the charts on any given day …
This City Swings Wednesday, May 23
The extraordinary annual music event brings our community together! This year's line-up is especially exciting, since it includes (among many others) Trombone Shorty, Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra …