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Blue-Eyed Soul Wednesday, July 11
The Huffington Post had lots to say about Shiner, but this nugget stood out (and not just because we’re thirsty): “ … blues, a touch of jazz, and healthy dollops of R&B.
The Best Band in the World Wednesday, July 11
Last summer, the seminal British post-punk group Echo & the Bunnymen embarked on a co-headlining U.S. tour with the equally influential American post-punk outfit Violent Femmes.
A Tall, Tantalizing Tale Wednesday, July 11
The Adventures of Annabelle Lyn sounds like the title of a timeless tale—and that’s just the way Elizabeth Fravel, Kathryn Belle Long and Holly Riley intended it. …
Country Crooner Wednesday, July 11
The singer, whose new album Top Shelf is “a musical kaleidoscope—a whirl of celebration, heartbreak, the sweet pain of love and the comfort of faith’s embrace,” won Season 7 of Boyd appears …
Shape-Shifting Soul Thursday, July 5
For most bands, a name change, an ever-evolving lineup, and a shift away from its tried-and-true format would portend certain death.
The Barenaked Ladies are playing here July 6. That in and of itself is not earth-shattering news.
Don't Think Twice Wednesday, July 4
This SoCal reggae band brings a message of “peace, love and unity” to town.
Giggle Wednesday, July 4
The name rarely fails to elicit a juvenile snicker from one of our less stately staffers, but the Ladies are good for more than the yucks. Despite a 2008 breakup, their influence on subsequent …
Turn the Grooves Up Wednesday, July 4
A cover band with funky soul–just right on a hot night. After you’ve downed a couple top-shelf margaritas, you'll want to bust a move. Well, get out on the floor and dance to funk, hip hop and …
Mad Dogs and Florida Folk Wednesday, June 27
Automobile magnate Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” And while this may be an odd source from which to …