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RIP THIS JOINT 2 days ago
Jacksonville may not be known for its metal scene, but those who are into it are really into it. The last black metal show I attended had a small turnout, but they were hardcore all the way, with merch tables, tattoos of their favorite bands, and enough piss and vinegar to fuel an ultra-violent pit.
Richard Butler and company come to conquer New Wave hot spot: Northeast Florida
UK punk legends maintain their fury at street level – where it belongs
THE WIND CRIES FOUL Wednesday, May 20
I was five years old when I placed my first vinyl record on my parents’ Panasonic turntable. It was 1972. The album: Band of Gypsys.
TAPPING THE SOURCE Wednesday, May 20
Steve Earle digs into his Texas roots with a solid collection of 21st-century blues
HOME GROWN Wednesday, May 20
Local jam band faves Lucky Costello are mastering the art of cohabitation and sonic creation
FREAK SCENE Wednesday, May 20
SWING TIME Wednesday, May 20