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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is an excellent movie and you should see it as soon as it hits theaters, on Aug. 1. There. That’s the review. The bigger nut to crack is who these …
WE LOVE 'LUCY' 2 hours ago
Adorably bonkers and divorced from logic, this is what a comic book movie should feel like
This spy thriller is a fitting farewell for Philip Seymour Hoffman
Because heaven forbid if we spend more than 30 seconds worrying if we might fall in love with him
Arthouse film reveals weaknesses of tween-friendly dystopias
Thumbs up for stirring documentary of one of the world's best-known film critics
WHAT A LOSER Wednesday, July 2
Melissa McCarthy is once again typecast as an obnoxious wacko
HUNGRY FOR MORE Tuesday, June 24
Jon Favreau returns to his indie roots, cooking up Grade-A food porn with a Grade-C story
THE OTHER 50 PERCENT Tuesday, June 24
Here's a funny, quirky rom-com about abortion
Even Christopher Walken can’t save Clint Eastwood’s stiff Four Seasons biopic
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