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Jumping Fleas Unite! Yesterday at 12:27 PM
Celebs function in funny ways, and though it'd be a reach to compare The Dresden Dolls' Amanda Palmer with, say, Beyoncé, the doll does make cultural waves.
Everything Changes The World Yesterday at 12:19 PM
Local amateur historian and author Scott Grant (How the Beatles and the World's Fastest Man Changed the First Coast Forever) chats about the worldwide media attention on this region
Down By The Seashore Yesterday at 12:06 PM
The perfect way to cap off a day spent exploring the Oldest City-we understand Santa Fe has tried to claim that title, but we see their Juan de Oñate y Salazar (1598) and raise Pedro …
Mind the Way Wednesday, June 13
For poets, there's space between performance and printing. Mainly, one imagines, because the ineffability of a poem, when tied to the page can, at times, feel too solid, like something inert.
Life's A... Wednesday, June 13
There's lots to know about NEFLa's beaches' special environment. A ranger guides the walk, discussing "restless sand," coquina, dune flowers, seabirds and shells-you may even see one of nature's most …
Dinner Date Wednesday, June 6
Dinner and discussion with the best-selling author-perhaps you'll chat about his upcoming thriller, The Malta Exchange or maybe he'll delve into the research he did for The Bishop's Pawn (an April …
Inappropriate Content Wednesday, June 6
Almost fittingly, comedian Tom Green has enjoyed one of the weirdest and most absurd career arcs in contemporary show business.
When I was a kid, David Copperfield tried to make the Statue of Liberty disappear.
Family Fun Wednesday, May 23
Enjoy an old-fashioned Memorial Day in Green Cove Springs! The annual Riverfest celebrates the best of small-town life, with live music starting at noon, art & crafts, food vendors, a kids zone …
Funny is as Funny Does Wednesday, May 23
This standup comedian is best known for her appearances on Season 9 of MTV's Wild N Out. More recently, she took to YouTube to respond to Kanye West's TMZ comments: "West is the new Azealia Banks as …