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Credited with building his own “Millertary” (good grief), the 22-year-old pop singer Jake Miller is on tour promoting his latest release, Rumors. After releasing two EPs independently, he has been signed to Warner Bros. Records. Miller’s music is surprisingly well received, a mixture of Pop and Hip-Hop that is admittedly difficult to master. However, Miller’s sound is more of a combination of Disney Pop star and passable rap. Fortunately for Miller, this type of music appeals to the wide fan base of young teens. If nothing else, his current tour/teeny bopper recruitment drive will most certainly be successful in a probable expansion of his “army.”



If you are longing for the epitome of classic rock, then look much further than Atlanta Rhythm Section. Still, these old school faves have invested 30 years into the genre while obtaining a rather successful career. ARS will be sure to take their audience back in time - predictably to the '70s, the era they specialize in solely. Despite losing two original members, including bassist Paul Goddard, ARS continue to rock the Baby Boomer nation with timeworn concerts.

However their look has been updated, they have since traded in their sleek, tailor-made suits for T-shirts and jeans. The audience can be sure to expect their top hits, “So in to You” and “Champagne Jam” to be in the lineup. Nevertheless, there are ARS fans and other classic rock music lovers who will thoroughly enjoy the melodic flashback.



In the scorching sauna outside the Duval County Courthouse yesterday morning the city’s untested rape kits were the subject of a passionate press conference featuring Wes White, candidate for State Attorney, and his wife, physician Patricia “Pat” White.

Mr. White called on State Attorney Angela Corey to immediately submit the remaining 1,500 rape kits to FDLE. He is also asking for legislation mandating sending all sexual assault kits for processing with 48 or 72 hours of collection.

“Rape test kits must be processed immediately. Not just for the victims but also to prevent future victims because we know most rapists are serial rapists,” Mr. White said.

As a veteran prosecutor who formerly worked with Ms. Corey, he holds her particularly accountable for those kits not being tested.

“Angela Corey is the chief law enforcement officer… if she wants something done, it will be done, if she doesn’t care if it’s done, it will be put on a shelf,” he said.

Earlier this week First Coast News reported that Corey said testing the kits is an issue of funding and also that she opposes legislation that mandates that “we do our jobs.”

Anger and frustration were apparent as Dr. White, an emergency room physician who has performed rape kits, said that victims are let down when their kits go on a shelf to wait years, sometimes decades, for testing.

“The rape kit itself is a very stressful event and as we perform it is the beginning of a healing process for them simply because they were assured that these would be tested,” Dr. White said. “…to have these tests go untested is just like victimizing them again.”

Do not be surprised if coverage from yesterday’s press conference conveys an impression of Mr. White as someone with idealistic schemes and no idea how to achieve them. To hear many of the questions posed to him, one would have thought he was …   More

These days it seems like every time you open a browser window there’s another story about our heroes, Florida Man and his main squeeze Florida Woman. Those cool cats are always getting into crazy shenanigans! Like the time he said he was the God Thor and had sex with a tree, or when she got arrested for drunk driving while breastfeeding with three toddlers in the backseat, or when he and three buddies shot four deer then passed out in his Mini Cooper with the carcasses crammed in the trunk, or when she smeared her own shit on the faces of Macy’s clerks who had the audacity to accuse her of shoplifting.

Clearly it takes special skills and even special-er gear to live up to the standards of this dynamite-throwing duo. To help all the aspiring Florida Men and Women achieve his or her dream of one-upping the Texas man who screamed “Fuck that alligator!” and jumped into alligator-infested water (and heroically exited the gene pool), we’ve combed our local Craigslist for items to help them on their quest to Internet notoriety.

Here are the goods:

1. This Jeff Gordon radio/CD player/helmet. This way when you’ll be protected and jamming out to the sweet sounds of death metal when you protest bus fares by head-butting the doors.

2. Two donkeys. A must have. Always.

3. A tricycle. Sometimes you got no choice but to smash your man in the face with a tricycle.

4. A rusty burn barrel. Great for campfires or setting fire to your apartment because your jerk neighbors complained you were masturbating near the windows. Let it burn, baby, let it burn.

5. Bullet proof vest. Safety first. You never know when you’ll get shot protecting sea turtle nests from drunks.

6. Body piercings as a trade for boy clothing. You might have to steal clothes from needy kids like one model, one-armed citizen from Florida, but that’s just the price you (won’t) pay for sick holes in your …   More


Starting out as your average SoCal skatepunks, Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald rose to fame upon peppering their anthems with notes of hip hop, reggae, weed, and summertime feels. “Ain’t Got a Lot of Money,” is one of many contagious melodies on their 2005 Closer to the Sun, their most acclaimed album to date. Known for loving crowd interaction, the band enjoys jamming for hours with fans, well into these summer nights. Cali-based band Dirty Heads opens the gig with their laid-back sound along with dub master Stick Figure AKA Scott Woodruff, hailing from the Northeast.


POWER UP: Hunky Florida Republicans

With Conservative heartthrob Marco Rubio running for President, the race for his vacated Senate seat is heating up. From Carlos Lopez-Cantera (who looks like Rubio’s frat bro) to Northeast Florida resident and Tea Party darling Ron Desantis (who looks like young Ted Kennedy with the politics of old Ted Nugent) it appears the Republicans have taken the proper steps to ensure a minimum level of handsomeness for potential representatives. However, so far only Democratic congressman Allen Grayson has inspired supporters to crawl naked over hot coals on his behalf.


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If you’re curious as to what the “dream pop” genre consists of, check out the Pensacola-based duo of Kid Eternity and Kevin Lawson. Their 2015 album Night Moves features whispery lyrics and transcendent trebles that are reminiscent of the album’s title. “Chance to Smile” showcases an extrusive strum that, paired with emotionally charged, high noted vocals, captivates the listener.

Check out new cuts at their Bandcamp link right here!



This week, Folio Weekly explores the world of summer-titled songs. Feel free add your own offerings in the comments section. Then we can all go lie down together in a dark, damp, mulchy place -- like our office.









Who knew breaking a bone as a kid could be career-making karma? When San Diego native E.N. Young broke his arm at 12, he was gifted a set of drums as a form of physical therapy, unleashing his innate talent as a roots musician. After performing with bands like Stranger, Don Carlos, and Slightly Stoopid, Young started dubbing with Tribal Seeds in 2011 and helped produce their world famous EP, Soundwaves. Young writes and performs his own material too, as portrayed in his album Luck & Chance No More that hones in on Young’s faith and self-awareness in the roots music realm.


Kick it Old School Style with Ancient City Con

If you happen to be around the Prime Osborne Convention Center this weekend, you may see ninjas, Mario, and Captain America. Fear not: it’s Ancient City Con, not the end of the world. This Jacksonville con includes all things sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and everything in between. If you want to play it ancient without the thousand-dollar costume, head over to Aardwolf for a Day of Reckoning. Again, not the end of the world—just a Belgian dark strong beer. You can’t get much more ancient than the beverage that’s been fermenting since the BC era.

If beer is a little too medieval for you, check out Tapas Old World. This weekend, Old World will have a pasta el pesto con shrimp. The majority of Old World’s dishes are old recipes from Spain, though there are a few traditional French and Italian dishes. No alcohol here, but you’re welcome to bring your own wine for a $10 corking fee. Try mixing your wine with Old World’s non-alcoholic sangria for a zesty, ancient treat. While you’re there, check out the homemade paella, Old World’s traditional rice and seafood recipe. For dessert, have a Nutella cheesecake and the weekend specialty Spanish churros. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

People have been fishing since the good ol’ days of Zeus and Homer. The Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament finishes up this weekend over on the north side. Swing by Chowder Ted’s on the way to the Kingfish Tournament on Hecksher Drive and get some of Ted’s famous chowder and the fish sandwich of the day. Maybe you’ll get a kingfish. Chowder Ted’s has been everybody’s favorite seafood joint since 1500 BC. Erm, we mean the 1990’s. If you go, say hello to Ted and Carole. Or, as the Romans would say, “Salve!”

It’s an all-around ancient weekend.


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