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TAPPED OUT Thursday, May 8
The 2014 session passed without the Legislature doing anything to address Florida’s pending water crisis
Readers respond to "Obamacare Won" and "Godless in the Bible Belt" and
At the risk of sounding completely out of touch with modern metal genres, I’m going to steer clear of trying to classify Marion Crane — other than to say they are some subgenre of metal. And, to …
THE RIGHT TO REFUSE Wednesday, May 7
Mayor Next Level sat on his hands during the HRO debate, serving up a big 'F you' to the LGBT community
Believers can be discriminated 
against, too, you know
FOR METAL'S SAKE Wednesday, May 7
Shai Hulud, the aggressively loud 
product of an angry kid, has mellowed 
with age — just a little
SHAPESHIFTER Wednesday, May 7
Indie rock icon Conor Oberst has many stylistic lives. Here are nine
"Whoever said, ‘Money can't buy you friends' clearly hasn't been on the Internet recently," wrote The New York Times in April, pointing to various social media support services that create online superstars by augmenting one's Facebook "friends," …
WE ALL SCREAM Wednesday, May 7
In April, Haagen-Dazs announced two new ice
In January, London's Daily Telegraph found three British companies competing to sell deodorant supposedly made especially for women's breasts. According to one, Fresh Body, "We're replacing ‘swoobs' — dreaded boob sweat — with smiles."
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Who is Northeast Florida's 'Best Righteous Crusader' and why?
Best of Jax ballot released on July 30 will ask this question and many others