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The Power of Prayer Wednesday, February 12
Nelson Thabo Modupe threatened a lawsuit in January against South Africa's Eskom electric utility unless the company paid him the equivalent of about $22.3 million for "saving" the firm that amount during the weeks of the 2010 Soccer World Cup. …
People With Issues Wednesday, February 12
Trevor Robinson, 67, of Skellingthorpe, England, was re-arrested in November for violating a previous Anti-Social Behavior Order by pushing a doll-carrying baby carriage in public. The 2009 ASBO barred him from possessing dolls, baby carriages and …
Know Your Rap Sheet Wednesday, February 12
Jerry Pancoast, 42, was arrested on at least four charges after a high-speed chase through Iowa's Polk and Jasper counties in January following an alleged shoplifting of tweezers and an eyebrow pencil — not even taken by Pancoast but by his …
Stories That Never Get Old Wednesday, February 12
Following the early-January winter storm in East Kingston, N.H., emergency crews came to the aid of a 12-year-old girl who had a "what would happen" moment and tried to lick a metal flagpole in her front yard.
A NOTW Classic, November 2010 Wednesday, February 12
Can't Be True: Kyle Johnson shattered his skull so badly in a high-speed longboard accident in June (2010) that ordinary "decompressive craniectomy" (temporarily removing half of the skull to relieve pressure) would have been inadequate. Instead, …
The End of Marriage? Wednesday, February 12
A local attorney says that despite all the GOP rhetoric about the importance of matrimony, the Florida Legislature is poised to hasten its demise
On His Own Wavelength Wednesday, February 12
Literate lyricism and a singular voice allow this Minnesota singer-songwriter to create a niche
SCOTS, The Expendables, 'Casablanca' at Sun-Ray, Whetherman and Ben Vereen also on tap
The Crist Conundrum Tuesday, February 11
Charlie Crist’s constituency is, and has always been, Charlie Crist
Feb. 12-18 Arts Calendar Tuesday, February 11
What's coming up at Northeast Florida galleries, museums, theaters and more
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