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Troubled Water Wednesday, February 19
Four years after nearly losing his voice, Art Garfunkel and his golden tenor fly again
Vegan Missionaries Wednesday, February 19
In 2002, when Josh Jubinsky founded his 
 independent record distribution business, 
 Dead Tank Distro, he was a 22-year-old Jacksonville punk on a mission: To cultivate and distribute vinyl and CD releases from underground bands of all stripes …
Amy Schumer is just the latest comedienne to push 
edgier material in the old boys' network of comedy
Poverty Funk Wednesday, February 19
Askmeificare is taking over the world, like it or not
Find That Genius! Wednesday, February 19
Beijing Genomics Institute scientists are closing 
in on a technology to allow parents to choose, from several embryos, one most likely to yield the smartest offspring. London's Daily Mail (in January, referencing recent work in Wired, The Wall …
Can't Possibly Be True Wednesday, February 19
"This [was] my life," said musician Boujemaa Razgui in December, referring to 13 handmade flutes he played professionally, "and now they're gone." Arriving in New York City from Madrid 
with the 13 woodwinds in his checked luggage, he was shocked …
Unclear on the Concept Wednesday, February 19
Oregon inmate Sirgiorgio Clardy, 26, filed a handwritten $100 million lawsuit in January against Nike for inadequately marketing its Air Jordans. Clardy, a convicted pimp, earned an 
"enhanced" penalty for using a "dangerous weapon" to maim a …
Saved by the Blimps Wednesday, February 19
Americans who've grown used to hearing our 
nation is militarily without peer may have been 
shocked to learn in January (as CBS News reported in a Pentagon interview) that America has "practically zero capability" either to detect enemy cruise …
Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em Wednesday, February 19
Ed Forchion sits in a Burlington County, N.J., jail (where he'll stay for a few more months), serving a term for marijuana possession. For 10 days each month until his release, though, the same judge who sentenced him promised to let him go smoke …
It's a Dog's Life Wednesday, February 19
A Georgia Regents University's dental school official acknowledged in December that the school would likely continue to conduct research on the mouths of stray dogs solely to test a coating that might inhibit infections in humans' dental implants. …
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