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BODY & SOUL 5 days ago
Music heals. It’s not just an aphorism, but a hard truth based in research in a number of areas. Music healing therapy has been proven to induce relaxation in premature babies, treat pain, …
WRITE AND WRONG 5 days ago
David Foster Wallace, The End of the Tour, and the perils of biographical drama
GIANT KILLER 5 days ago
When it comes to the observational comedy scene, big man Owen Benjamin slays the competition
On Tuesday, Aug. 18, Jacksonville City Council's Land Use and Zoning committee approved the moratorium on Charlotte's Web, banning the cultivation and sale of the non-intoxicating strain of …
Here is a very sad, very tragic, yet true story
BACK FROM THE "GRAV" Wednesday, August 19
I’ve been spending a lot of time lately listening to John Zorn. Emphasis on a lot. Next to my extensive (read: nerdily exhaustive) Zappa collection, my Zorn library boasts the most pieces of …
I’M AN OLD SOUL Wednesday, August 19
Will Sprott injects the indie scene with a much-needed shot of retro vibes and tender balladry
RHYTHM CHANGE Wednesday, August 19
Percussionist Charlotte Mabrey is retiring without missing a beat
TAKE A LOAD FOR A FEE Wednesday, August 19
In St. Johns County, a private company fills in the gaps left by the county’s public private recycling partnerships
TRUST FACTOR Wednesday, August 19
For Bortles to progress, he has to be able to take risks early