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QUIET MAN Yesterday at 12:00 AM
M. Ward – songwriter, producer, behind-the-scenes collaborator – puts time in a bottle with his own hushed, introspective indie folk
VICTORY FOR PUBLIC ART Yesterday at 12:00 AM
How Keith Haring's Ghost forced the city to finally take public art seriously
'NOT MADE OF CLAY' Tuesday, April 22
Atheists, agnostics and secular humanists face bizarre conundrums on a daily basis in Northeast Florida, but the world is changing
The Lyons, Million Dollar Quartet, Chuck Ragan and Pecha Kucha presenters entertain; The Origin of Humanity and Chicken Raising challenge
Win a pair of tickets to opening night of the Broadway musical Million Dollar Quartet, presented by the Artist Series!
I first met Daryl Hance a dozen or so years ago when I was working on a Folio Weekly cover story on Mofro, the swampy funk band he co-founded with Maxville resident JJ Grey. I would say that Hance …
What's coming up at Northeast Florida clubs, bars and concert venues
PISCES: April 23-29 Tuesday, April 22
Your body has about four octillion atoms. That’s four with 27 zeroes after it. Believe it or not, 200 billion of that were once inside the body of Martin Luther King Jr. An average of 200 billion …
AQUARIUS: April 23-29 Tuesday, April 22
Take some time out to explore the deeper mysteries of snuggling, cuddling and nuzzling. In my opinion, that’s your sacred duty. It’s your raison d’etre, ne plus ultra, sine qua non. Nurture …
CAPRICORN: April 23-29 Tuesday, April 22
Sometimes life is – or at least should be – downright unpredictable. After much meditation, I’ve concluded the most important message you can send to the universe is to fly a pair of underpants …
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