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DUAL SOUL Wednesday, August 5
WEST MEETS EAST Wednesday, August 5
Spiritual teacher, musician, and countercultural icon Bhagavan Das returns to the Karpeles
SUPER GENERIANS Wednesday, August 5
Gazing at the Reverbnation press kit page for Miami alt-rock quartet The Super Fuzz, my aging eyes were drawn to a stat chart I didn’t even know existed: a demographic breakdown of the …
STREET HASSLE Wednesday, August 5
The comedic saga of a Los Angeles prostitute’s vindictive hunt sadly runs out of tricks
CZECH MASTERPIECES Wednesday, August 5
Just released in a stunning Blu-ray edition by Criterion Collection (the premier distributor of art, foreign, and indie films for home viewing), Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970) is one of those …
OUT OF TUNE Wednesday, August 5
Even Meryl Streep can’t save this off-key tale that could’ve been a surefire hit
The tale of a writer, an ’80s comedy hero, and a brutal game of phone tag
The Power Meter Tuesday, August 4
POWER DOWN: BEARS Bears have been tormenting Floridians for far too long, according to lawmakers. On Monday (the first day the state of Florida began selling licenses), 600 permits were …
The Power Meter Tuesday, August 4
DOWN: JUVENILE CITATIONS Many news outlets reported this week about an uptick in the use of civil citations to divert juvenile offenders from the justice system – an initiative that …
The Power Meter Tuesday, August 4
POWER UP: REP. CORRINE BROWN Brown’s (D-Jacksonville) power took a hit after a Florida Supreme Court determined her district, along with 21 others, was to be redrawn. But, Brown has …