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IN CINCO WITH TACOS Wednesday, May 4
Just say “No” to boring tacos from a box
HARDCORE VALUES Wednesday, May 4
Green Room packs a tense thriller with characters facing a truly edgy reality
At nearly 36 years old, writer/director Terry Zwigoff made his first film, the well-received but barely seen documentary Louie Bluie (1985). It was nine years before his next film – another …
DEEP CUTS Wednesday, May 4
Comedian Bill Burr continues to slice into pop culture and the hypocrisy of American culture
SWEET SUBSTANCE Wednesday, May 4
Peach Kelli Pop combines tasty garage pop with uplifting perspectives on gender, sexuality, and identity
SYNTH & SENSIBILITY Wednesday, May 4
UK alt-rockers The 1975 continue to add up the hit numbers
AGE APPROPRIATE Wednesday, May 4
Maybe I’m getting soft in my old age. Or maybe since I’m now limited to one column a month, I’m more selective about which artists to review. But I’ve been checking out some …
PUTTING AROUND Wednesday, May 4
THE PLAYERS Championship
WHISTLING ALONG Wednesday, May 4
Sweet Emmaline
SCHOOL OF HARD KNOX Wednesday, May 4
PGA golfer and Jacksonville University alum Russell Knox gets better all the time