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FOOTLOOSE Wednesday, May 27
HAMMER TIME Wednesday, May 27
A reviewer in the Village Voice once wrote about Mickey Spillane, author of the Mike Hammer novels, that “Spillane is like eating takeout fried chicken: so much fun to consume, but you can feel those lowlife grease-induced zits rising before you’ve finished the first drumstick.” I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not, but love him or hate him (it’s usually either/or for fans and critics), Mickey Spillane definitely made his mark.
NEW KIND OF KICK Wednesday, May 27
FUTURE SCHLOCK Wednesday, May 27
Latest sci-fi Hollywood offering to blast down the pike is a bafflingly bad movie
Gov. Scott plays politics with the health of Florida’s uninsured
TACO TIME Wednesday, May 27
Reasonably priced Mexican cuisine — and cow tongue just like Grandma used to make
A RED ELEPHANT Wednesday, May 27
Fernandina Beach City Manager Joe Gerrity resigned on May 19, one month after Folio Weekly detailed the turmoil wracking the city’s fire department and Gerrity’s failure to take action to fix it (“Something is Rotten,” April 19). The story outlined how Gerrity promoted two firefighters who lacked management and emergency command training to the top two posts in the department and even as firefighters resigned and left detailed accounts of leadership failures of fire chief James Higginbotham and deputy chief Fino Murallo, Gerrity found nothing wrong. Instead, he fired Human Resources Director Robin Marley. She filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the city.
DOGS IN HEAT Wednesday, May 27
An incident involving a pet left in a hot (temperature-wise) car just out of JSO’s jurisdiction reveals a policy that’s bound to cause issues here Northeast Florida.
FROM THE EDITOR Wednesday, May 27
Jacksonville may not be known for its metal scene, but those who are into it are really into it. The last black metal show I attended had a small turnout, but they were hardcore all the way, with merch tables, tattoos of their favorite bands, and enough piss and vinegar to fuel an ultra-violent pit.