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Win a pair of tickets to opening night of the Broadway musical Million Dollar Quartet, presented by the Artist Series!
Lady Love Wednesday, March 5
Multiple winner of the Palme d’Or at this year’s Cannes Festival, Blue Is the Warmest Color is scheduled for release this month on DVD, so we can finally see what all the fuss is about. A French …
The Sky Isn’t Falling Wednesday, March 5
In response to 'Some Justice. No Peace' and 'Witness to the Prosecution
'Ocean Floors,' Pulitzer Prize-winning author Richard Ford, 'From Swastika to Jim Crow,' Earl Klugh and Nnenna Freelon are also on your agenda
How Jacksonville's election system suppresses the black vote
Bad Grades Wednesday, March 5
Florida's flawed school-grading system: We can't dump it, so how do we make it better?
Bill Maher, on the Edge Wednesday, March 5
The HBO host talks Hillary Clinton, being put out to pasture and the wussification of the Democratic Party
Songs about Love Wednesday, March 5
Mariah Johnson has a cat named Bacon, severe allergies and a lilting voice she doesn't like to use
Teach a Man to Fish ... Wednesday, March 5
The Drug Users Resource Center in Vancouver, British Columbia (noted in NOTW for a vending machine dispensing 25-cent crack-cocaine pipes to discourage addicts from committing crimes to fund their habit), launched a program in August to supply …
Government in Action Wednesday, March 5
Rape-prevention activists estimate that local governments have backlogs of untested evidentiary "rape kits" that total up to 400,000 nationally — signifying free crimes for rapists, lost justice for victims, and ruined reputations for men wrongly …
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